Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Telus Dealer in Fort Saskatchewan

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Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Telus Dealer in Fort Saskatchewan.

Samsung skipped a number when it named
its newest note to Note 7.
So, over to San Francisco I go to see what the
big deal was. What I found was a familiar
phone that did familiar things in
unfamiliar places I'm Michael Fisher and
I spent an hour with the new Galaxy Note
seven here's what it is and what it

If you don't know what a galaxy note is
it's basically the reason your
smartphone's been getting bigger every
year the original Galaxy Note was so
over-sized for its time and so
controversial for including a stylist
that it was almost a punch line when it
launched five years ago.

It lives up to its forebears in the specs
Department much of what's packed into
the body here is top-of-the-line most
crucially Samsung addressed one of the
the body here is top-of-the-line most
crucially Samsung item addressed one is to
expand the on-board memory to 64 gigs of storage
sadly the battery still isn't removable
but it is sixteen percent larger than
last year's and Samsung says it can be
recharged just as quickly either a quick
charge 2.0 for the USBC or fast wireless
charging chior PMA the new notes looks
are also no surprise from a distance you
could easily mistake it for its

That is unless you get the soothing
coral blue version with gold accents my
favorite of the release color options
what sets it apart when you get up close
is symmetry front and back side to side
Samsung has made this the most visually
balanced note ever and on top of that it
added ip68 water and dust resistance
finally we have a galaxy note that won't
die if you get pushed into a pool with
it that water resistance extends to the
new S Pen Stylus to and bonus it won't
break the phone if you put in backwards
as happened with the early note 5 also
all the stylus related apps have
mercifully been combined into a single
simpler hub called Samsung notes and
there are new fun tricks like hovering
over text to translate it and you can
draw a box around a video to make it a
Jeff you can still take notes on the
lock screen just by popping out the pen
and now you can set them to persist
until you discard them which might be
useful for safe shopping lists.