Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sherwood Park TELUS Dealer: Introducing Fibre Optics in Internet Service

As mentioned earlier, fibre optic cables are able to carry more information thanks to their greater bandwidth capacity than metal cables. For this benefit, fibre optics are less vulnerable to any external interference from nearby electrical equipment or power lines, even with a relatively thin and lightweight structure. In the case of fibre internet (FiOS), fibre optics have the capability to transmit large amounts of digital information over farther distances. Having the advantages of FiOS would require a longer and more complex installation process because this network needs its own fibre optic cables to operate in your home. This is why you’ll need the assistance of personnel from a from a TELUS store in Sherwood Park. Once properly installed, the FiOS would not be susceptible to any power interruptions or shutdowns because as a passive system, it doesn’t need power to be applied into the network.

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